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Loss of a Dear Friend November 10, 2016

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Such a Dear Friend
I lost a very dear friend in September 2015– my first ex-husband. His name was Norm. Even after our divorce, we had remained dear friends all these years. We often joked to other people, “We almost ruined a perfectly good friendship. Fortunately, we caught it in time, and got divorced.” normportrait1980

A link to his obituary: Norman C. Luper.
I’ll tell you the story, and offer you a couple of videos, at the end.

How We Met
I first met Norm a handful of times in the 1970s. It was like Life was saying, “Pay attention here. This person will be important to you.” The first time, I was only about 9 or 10 years old. I was with my Mom, the assistant director for her Sweet Adeline’s chorus. She and Lois, the director, were meeting with the Highland High School Theater Student-Director. The high school kid, Norm Luper, was helping them plan out lighting and such for their upcoming Sweet Adeline show. He considered me a “Rug Rat,” at the time. But he had a crush on my Mom. 😉

The next encounter was at an Albuquerque Civic Light Opera audition, for an upcoming production of 1776. I was there with my Mom & her husband (at the time), Phil. Phil was auditioning for the part of Ben Franklin. While there, I watched and heard Norm audition for a part, singing a song from the show called, Mama Look Sharp. He was amazing. I never understood why he didn’t get the part. (And yes, Phil did play Ben Franklin in the production.)

The next time was when I was purchasing tickets to a show my Mom was in, at the Rodey Theater, on the UNM campus. Norm was working the ticket box office. He saw my high school student ID and commented on how he knew my choir director. We chatted briefly, and then he recognized me, from previous encounters.

Then, in August 1979, I met him at an audition for the Tiffany Playhouse production of On a Clear Day You Can See Forever. We were both cast in the production and got to know each other during rehearsals and performances. I had already been out hot-air ballooning by then– turned out to be I’d been crewing for his best friend! I started dating Norm, and crewing for his balloon. He became my 1st pilot instructor. We married in May of 1981.

Stayed in Touch
We divorced a few years later. Things were difficult between us for about a year after the divorce, but we were then tossed together into a work situation. I was hired as the pilot for a commercial balloon tether, and Norm was hired as  (more…)


Catching Up November 10, 2016

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Sorry for my absence. I was completely immersed into my other projects for a while. Allow me to catch you up a bit.

Playing Catch-up!
Last I wrote, I was upgrading myself, by earning my certification as a Holistic Health Coach. I completed that endeavor (graduated July 2015), and then some!

Website Woes, and Back from the Edge
Just before jumping into the health coaching coursework, I had begun building a different WordPress website: http://www.TakingBackWellness.com  I’ve had some ups & downs with it– namely things were going fairly well when spam-comment hackers took it down. I’m re-building it now.
Lesson learned: It’s wise to always use one of those widgets or plug-ins for authenticating your commenters and proving they’re not spam-bots!

What’s Next?
I’m also in the planning stages of another website, offering my editing, writing, and communications-writing coaching services– for Holistic Health Providers. Although I occasionally get a request from someone else, and I’ll usually take them on.

While planing, building (& re-building) websites, I’m also writing high impact programs to offer, for accomplishing big results– in the areas of health coaching, and in editing, writing, and communications coaching. These programs will be offered on afore mentioned websites.

Reclaiming Wellness is an Inside Job!
On the health front– things have been gradually improving, with the occasional set-back. I’m no angel when it comes to keeping on track with the dietary stuff. Some days are way better than others, of course. And when I go off-track, I pay the price. I call it food, or dietary experimentation. Or over-re-introductions of food groups. LOL 😀  I try not to be judgmental about it– it’s not necessarily bad or good, it just is. It’s either a more healthy choice, or a less healthy choice. Just get back on track and live life as healthy as you can. All any of us can do– is to do our best on any given day.

Life in General Updates:
Over the last 3-years, there have been the usual Life-stuff things– ups and downs, with lots of levels. Loss of loved ones, gains in wisdoms, gardens come and gone, photo trips here & there, introspections, assisting others, learning new skills, and plenty of, “where the heck have the months gone?” –those kinds of things.

I’ll wrap this post up. But I’ll post again, about a couple of recent losses. And I’ll try to not get behind again.
Thanks for visiting. I appreciate it.
Be Well,


I’m Upgrading Myself! April 10, 2014

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Hi. Just a quick post to update you on my latest.
This past week, I received some tough news. I was feeling a little bummed when about five minutes later, a few synchronistic events came together to present a couple of interesting opportunities for me.

When all was processed, said & done, I grabbed hold of those possibilities and I have now enrolled in some additional training in the health industry.

First of all, over the next month, I’ll be completing (more…)

Announcing. . . Taking Back Wellness.com April 3, 2014

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Happy April!  Wow. . . Spring has sprung.
For a few months, I’ve been telling you that I had a project in the works, that would soon launch. Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 11.40.04 AM

I’m happy to announce to you today, my new website: www.TakingBackWellness.com has launched!

It’s all about learning healthier habits and navigating our way Back to Wellness. It’s a site where I layout resources and information for you to do that.

I hope you’ll enjoy it. I’m committed to posting there at least once each week! So you will find new, valuable content there, every week, as I grow the site.  So Please visit, bookmark or subscribe and visit often!  I look forward to seeing you there!

Let me know what you think!
Be well,

I Must Sadly Withdraw My Support… February 21, 2014

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…For this product.

Back in late August and most of September of 2011, I was trying something new. I was trying the Body by Vi, 90-Day Challenge. I was so excited… You can see my post about it here, if you’d like.

A Sensible DInner

A Sensible Dinner: Natural & Organic: Baked Sweet Potato Strips, Mixed Vegetables & Antelope Patty

I wanted to lose the bit of weight I’d gained after getting married in 2009… and weathering a broken ankle in 2010.  “The 90-Day Challenge” consisted of using (for 3 months) their shake-mix product (that tasted a bit like cake mix – awesome!), twice a day; eating two healthy snacks and a “sensible” dinner… and exercising, of course.

The shakes were touted as low-carb, low-sugar, low-fat, with 12g of protein and highly customizable. You could add any number of fruits, almond butter, peanut butter, flavorings, cinnamon or… whatever! And there were tons of “recipes” circulating around for ways to put this stuff together to come up with, yet, another tasty way to drink the shakes. Since I can’t have dairy milk, I used mine in coconut milk.

When I first asked my friend about the Visalus, Body by Vi shakes and found the first ingredient was soy isolate protein, I was skeptical. I had problems with soy-containing products in the past, and I had learned the hard way (damaged thyroid), I needed to steer clear of soy.

But she reassured me that THIS soy protein was different from all the others. And I know that she truly believed what she was telling me. All the company’s marketing info and videos touted this unique soy protein and how it was so different.

She told me (as all the company info instructs) that the form of soy protein being used in this shake-mix had been specially processed so that any hormone-disrupting effects normally associated with soy, would not be a problem. I bought into all the up-beat, video sensation about all the great nutritional value. It was their marketing tool, and my up-line people had no reason not to believe it. They were personal trainers and these products sounded great. They still use them & believe in them today.  That’s fine.

She also told me that she had been lactose intolerant but had no problem using the shakes mixed with almond milk. I later found out, there are dairy derivatives in the shake-mix.  Apparently that’s not a problem for a lot of people, but must have been for me.  Oh well… Live & Learn.

My Experience:
I initially lost about 10 pounds in the first month (Sept.2011). I lost inches as well. I was excited to see progress. But about 6 weeks in (by Mid-October 2011), my progress slowed drastically and I began feeling tired and sluggish. (more…)

Hummingbird Glow January 21, 2014

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Hummingbird Glow by Paula High-Young -KE5DDZ
Hummingbird Glow, a photo by Paula High-Young -KE5DDZ on Flickr.

Just ran across this old favorite of mine, that I took a few years ago. I need to find that feeder & put it up at my house this spring!
Be Well,

New Projects in the Works, For a New Year January 21, 2014

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In the words of the cheerful character, Truman Burbank,
“Good morning, and in case I don’t see ya, good afternoon, good evening and good night.”  ~The Truman Show, 1998 movie.

The Strange Phenomenon of the Crunching & Compressing of Time!

The Strange Phenomenon of the Crunching & Compressing of Time!

So the Holidays just fled past us. It kind of left me spinning and a little disoriented. But I’m regaining my bearings. I have this picture in my head of the months going faster as we get older… It looks a lot like a line of train cars. They get all smashed together as time seems to compress! I even drew it out for you…  SQUISH! Humm, Bigger paper next time, huh? 

For right now, I’m just popping in here to touch base with you all. I figured I haven’t posted since before the Holidays, so I’d better get with it.

I hope your Holidays were good. My family is thankfully well. I hope your’s is too.
Our Holidays were Ok. Thanksgiving was good. But then we lost a very dear family friend the first week of December. It’s been sad and weird knowing she’s not physically here with us anymore. We miss her a lot.
Christmas was good, although a bit hectic. New Years found me recuperating from a cold that somehow caught me. Currently, I’m much improved from those sniffles, sneezes & coughing.

Now for a New Year… all bright & shiny! What shall we do with it? Let’s make it great!

My Mom is shopping for a new publisher for her next mystery, as her original publisher has 
“suspended operations,” at least for now.  

The Easter Egg Murder, by Patricia Smith Wood

The Easter Egg Murder, by Patricia Smith Wood

Her 1st mystery, The Easter Egg Murder, will continue to be printed and available, in addition to remaining available in Kindle edition. But her next mystery, Murder For Breakfast, needs a new home. She is now feverishly working to complete it. I know she’s going to find a perfect fit.
These things always work out, and usually better than the old situation. I see a new publishing contract in her future, soon.

As for me, I’ve had some things “percolating” for a couple of years. The health issues slowed me down a bit, but they also gave me some new & interesting insights. While doing research for my own health issues, I realized something. People frequently don’t have the time to do all the extensive research to gather the kind of information they need to improve their own health and wellness.

Coming Soon, to the Internet, near you...

Coming Soon, to the Internet, near you…

So my project morphed a little with those insights and is finally coming closer to emerging.  This is the year my new website will be born. I’m still finishing the planning & layout, so I won’t say much yet.

What I CAN tell you is I’ve gathered lots of good information for articles and helpful resources. The site will also have a few links to various related products. All to help my readers improve their wellbeing.

I’m looking forward to getting it finished and launched. I’m expecting to launch it sometime in April 2014, barring any unforeseen difficulties. I’ve put in a great deal of time researching, planning and building. I hope everyone who visits, will find it helpful and like it. I suppose time will tell.

And there we go again with time! It’s time for me to scoot and get more research & site building done.  Busy, busy.

Until next time… Be Well,

I Can’t Believe It’s Been 12 Years! November 16, 2013

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Today marks the 12th anniversary of the day we buried him. My beloved Gil Benavidez. He was only 33 years old when cancer took him from us. You can read about it here, in “The Yellow Tree Never Forgets.”

We were cheated on time… but then, isn’t anyone who looses a loved one, especially too young. My time with him was so incredibly brief!  But I wouldn’t trade it for anything… even with the way it turned out and all the grief.  I believe that I grew into a better person because of knowing him.  And… we had a love of photography in common.

This week in November, is always a bit tough… as I try to push aside the memories of the last hospitalization and ultimately, the day God called him home & we had to let him go.  It’s funny, in an odd way, how the seasonal cues work on our subconscious.  And it seems that autumn is saturated with those cues.  There’s the smell of piñon fires as people fire-up their fireplaces, first time of the season.  There are the changing tree colors, and the unique smell in the air, as any bit of moisture decays those descended leaves.

Year after year, this season tugs at me– just a little… Some years more than others. This year has been a bit tougher, I think because the weather turned cold, blustery and drizzly… just like that week 12 years ago. But I’m staying busy.

I try to remind myself… (more…)

Catching My Breath February 20, 2013

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Hello!  Thanks for stopping by.
Can you believe it is already half past February?  A lot has been happening and I’m trying to catch-up and catch my breath!

I’ve been doing a lot of research.  Out of necessity, I’ve had to learn a great deal about respiratory health, and more specifically, about environmental allergens and toxins.  You’d be amazed at how many chemicals people tend to use on their bodies in the course of a day!  Most of us think nothing of what it might be doing to us or to those around us.  It’s just what we tend to do.


Slippery Summer August 6, 2012

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It’s been a weird summer! And it has been sliding by at record speed!

Every time I think I’ll have some time to post something… I start writing, get distracted by other pressing matters… and then a month has gone by. There are many things going on that I could write about. And yet, I find myself in a precarious position of trying to be judicious in not sharing too much or writing about things that could cause me problems later.

The long & short of it… I’ve been in a situation where I can no longer work at the office building I’ve been working for the past 4+ years. It was killing my health. (more…)